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Welcome to Fallen Angel!
In deepest darkest Cornwall. Ancient land of magik and mystery! Lies Helston. Gateway to the stunning Lizard peninsula. Helston, home of the Flora Dance and the pagan Hal-N-Tow pageant, the locally brewed and warily drunk 'Spingo' and pasty shops aplenty! With friendly locals and more than its fair shair of legends and stories, Helston would seem to have everything.........it has! Helston is home to Fallen Angel!!
Fallen Angel does not discriminate against any beliefs (well most anyway!). Peoples of all denominations and faiths receive the same assistance in acquiring their lifestyle or spiritual accessories at Fallen Angel. We are very willing to search for more unique items for customers if we do not stock them ourselves.


We stock an extensive range of clothing and accessories – Raven, S.D.L., XS Punk, Darkside, Omen and Laughing Vampire.


 Also stocking many different “lifestyle” essentials; divination tools such as tarot cards, crystal balls, spirit boards, tumble stones, books and calendars, jewellery, temple grade incense and a range of gothic ornaments (including Alchemy Gothic)


Fallen Angel also provides an extensive range of 'head supplies', from legal smoking mixes to vaporisers (a mail order seed catalogue is now available,contact us for details!), and a range of body jewellery for the pierced among you.


Fallen Angel also offers a unique service in Psychic Mediumship!
1-1 sittings are available (appointment only - contact us for details or to book!) with either our resident Psychic mediums or our guest Psychic Mediums.
All the the Psychic Mediums working from Fallen Angel also undertake public demonstrations at various locations throughout the year - see Psychic Mediumship page to find out more! or follow links to guest Physic Mediums own web sites.

Resident Psychic Mediums
Jon Fuller




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