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A brief History

Fallen Angel was founded about 4 years ago by Jon, the last 2 years has seen Linda join Fallen Angel as a partner, growing in reputation Fallen Angel is now a thriving business catering for people who like a little difference in their lifes!
Not only does Fallen Angel stock some of the coolest products, its also home to Jon and Linda's Psychic Mediumship practise.

Jon and Linda have an interest in everything they sell, so feel free to ask about our products! this is Cornwall, we always have time to talk!


Flora Day!

Hal-N-Tow passing Fallen Angel

Flora Dance passing Fallen Angel

Philosophy of Fallen Angel

Fallen Angel is about quality products for reasonable prices. Jon and Linda both had interests in their line of stock before starting Fallen Angel. Frustrated at not being able to access things and then afford to buy them! they decided to find out if there was a better way, there was! Fallen Angel will always price fairly and insist on good quality stock.
Fallen Angel try and cater for all (again, mostly all!) spiritual or lifestyle requirements. As long as those practises do not harm others and make a positive difference to your life, Fallen Angel supports your right to lead your life in the style of your choosing.
Fallen Angel is opposed to all forms of discrimination (accepting we all have our own prejudices!) and ism's! in fact Fallen Angel is opposed to labelling in general! ..........(Dont get Jon started! - editors note!)
Fallen Angel is about challenging perspectives, life is about personal experiences and perspectives. The name Fallen Angel itself has different connotations for different belief systems, we believe 'man' is a fallen angel, life is a Chrysalis that is learning and preparing to bloom and fly once the confines of our cocoon are shed, when we leave the physical. Fallen Angel has no connection or identification with the Christian belief of the devil, satan or whatever else evil! (I told you not to get him started!! - editors note). To believe in 'dualism' i.e. good and evil, you ignore all the massively important and contributing stuff that connects the two!
Fallen Angel believes in mans ability to make choice and dictate his own path. Fallen Angel is about life and living it, experiencing it and creating it! Fallen Angel is a message of hope and positivity.
The term 'man' is used in its acient form; 'man' and 'he' and 'his' (as in 'history') actually mean 'people', so 'history' actually means 'peoples story'.