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Paul Francis

Psychic Medium Paul Francis


Paul Francis Formerly from Ireland, now living in Cornwall has been a Professional Psychic Medium for some time now.

Paul, who is no stranger to the stage, has been performing for over 18years and has become very well known throughout the Southwest as now Internationally.


“I have been on the stage for many years as a performer, but all the time I knew there was something else I was supposed to do, it all became more aware to me after I was selected as one of the candidates for the Sky Television Show on Living TV, Psychic School”.


After meeting Television Medium “Tony Stockwell” and 6th Sense host “Colin Fry” I became even more intrigued with the realm of the Spirit, this might seem kooky to most people reading this, but if you look at it from an angle of where I was at this time, I had recently lost a family member and during the grieving process I had been searching for answers, basically the same question most people ask “Why”?


I had started watching “John Edward” on the American TV show “Crossing Over” and began to research the possibility of a Spirit Realm, and during my research and I might add at this point, hours and hours of reading books, internet research and simply speaking to people, I began to learn about this more and more.


This is an area of human life that most people don’t ever approach mainly due to old habits and tails of “You should not go into this, its black magic” or what every you might have come across yourself.


Well let me tell you, every Sunday when you go to church the Priest, Minister or what ever you religious background has to offer, he/she will speak to you constantly about Spirit, the Holy Spirit, it is even spoken off in the Bible, where we will all one day cross onto the realm of Heaven, as Spirit.


And a recent release from the Catholic Church is that they are to work with Mediums in the future, this alone says it all.

                        There is nothing un-holy in what Psychic Mediums do, nor might I add directly religious, we simply make contact with those who have crossed on ahead of us, be it Family, Friends, or friends of the family you might have known as a child, whom ever makes the contact, they work hard to make the connection, and we do our best as Mediums between you and your “Spirit Family” to convey the messages and information to “you” the loved ones remaining.

May I also stress at this point most mediums have no control of who comes through to you during a sitting, usually the person who you want to hear from makes an appearance, but it is best to come with an open mind, and a good family knowledge as   “great uncle john” who passed during world war one, could well show up, if you understand what I mean.


Now let me stress at this point, Mediums are NOT! A cure for grief, in my opinion the grief process should be gone through as it is your way of honouring the passing of your loved one,


and as I mentioned loved one, I believe the love is the other side of grief, we start with love, after the passing we move through the grief process and re enter love.


My job is to help you understand that our loved ones are not gone, they simply have passed over to the world of spirit where they continue to watch us and interact with us on a daily basis, I know this by the messages I have received during many sittings, messages they give us for their loved ones, it shows that they are constantly connected to us by the bonds of love they had whilst they were here in the physical, and continue to have after they have crossed over.


It is also my opinion that what I have is not a gift, I believe that every one is capable of doing what we do, and as I said, our friends and relatives who have gone on before us, are making efforts everyday to contact us, all I do is make you aware of these efforts, you yourself will learn to understand where and when your own loved ones are making the contact.


I look forward to speaking to you in the future


Paul Francis