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Jon Fuller

Jon has experienced spirit in his life for as long as he can remember.

After a few years of formal training with medium Martin Parsons (Spiritualist Association of Great Britian trained) Jon is now working independantly in his own right.

As well as private sittings, Jon has experience of group work and is currently gaining experience in public demonstrations of his clairvoyance. Future public demonstrations of his work are also planned. (future events will be publicised in the local press and via this web site).

He believes his past professions, in social work and in training provision have been in preparation for the work he now undertakes with his psychic mediumship. Jon is also a qualified stress management trainer.

Jon is a Heathen and proud of it! He has no belief in god or any higher power. He does however believe in mans ability for self-determination through decision making and experience learning. No one has the right to judge us. Good and bad are but perceptions based on experience and beliefs, we all have to live with the consequences of our actions and it is up to us to determine our fate.

Expect a little different from Jon! He is constantly seeking to challenge the common perceptions of his work. He does not believe his abilities are a gift. Rather he believes the ability is one we all share, and it is a re-learning process rather than an individual ability, who knows our capabilities if we do not challenge ourselves?

Respect and compassion are Jon’s key principles in his work. He does not want your belief; he is merely attempting to pass on information from spirit communications and believes his work is evidence that life does not stop after we leave our physical bodies. Your acceptance of this is not required, scepticism is welcomed! Only in questioning what we perceive do we begin to find the truth.



Linda has always known that she possesses an affinity with nature , together with a natural vibration of energy, now manifesting in her spiritual work.

She has always felt close to the earth , being in tune with those around her, which has assisted in her previous professions working with young children with special educational needs ,and later with vulnerable peoples of many diverse cultures and religious/spiritual backgrounds.

For the past two years ,Linda has re-acquainted herself with a more natural and spiritual lifestyle ,developing her intuition and psychic abilities at a local Spiritual development circle run by Martin Parsons ( SAGB trained and qualified) on the Lizard Peninsula , Cornwall. This , in conjunction with Linda’s own personal research and study of religious and spiritual histories and belief structures from around our world , has brought Linda to work through Fallen Angel.

Linda now demonstrates specialist abilities, manifesting ,what is termed “ Flower Clairsentience”. Linda is able to link with, and interpret the natural resonance of the sitters chosen flower , revealing a wealth of “Spiritual”/ Past personal information , which in many cases is relevant to the sitters circumstances in the present day .

This information , picked up by Linda initially takes the sitter back to early childhood , progressing on through adulthood to the present . The information passed on by Linda can be of a sensitive or delicate nature , and whilst this can be sometimes emotional in content is , by its very nature, healing to the sitter .

Linda uses this form of Mediumship together with Auric readings and at times Clairvoyance.

The overall effect is one of care and compassion for those in need of Healing , combined with

a rare insight into the sitters needs , achieved through this delicate form of interpretation .