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Interested in having a Consultation?

First of all, we think it is important for you to understand that you do not have to believe in anything. The people that work from Fallen Angel all share one belief, that the work we undertake is spiritual, that is to say that whatever your belief structure, that is a matter for you, we ask nothing more than you come with an open mind.

We do not ask you to believe us, we will not try to convince you of anything, your path is your own. Just as your reasons for your appointment are your own. However it might be useful for you to understand the following:

We do not tell fortunes. When we make contact with spirit we are able to ask questions, but spirit will only give their opinion, just as in life! If your spirit contact was good at advice in life, it is a fair assumption their advice in spirit will be equally good. However, if their advice sucked in life, well don’t expect miracles!

We are unable to choose who we contact in spirit. If you’re coming to communicate with your favourite auntie or loved one you could be disappointed, spirit choose when and where they communicate, and it would appear, whom they communicate through. If I could choose whom I communicated with in spirit I can assure you my life would be very different! That’s not to say your desired communicator wont come through, just that if you have expectations of such, you’re likely to feel disappointed if they don’t!

We are not: relationship counsellors, career guidance counsellors, lonely-hearts matchmakers or predictors of fortune. We will not be able to tell you who your life love is going to be, tell you what job you should take or give you next weeks lottery numbers (would we be doing this here if we could!).

Having pointed all that out, its not to say that these subjects will not be part of any communications you receive! We are merely pointing out that if you come with blinkers on you wont see the full picture. We wish your experience to be a positive one, you can assist in this process by being open minded about the messages you may receive.

Good reasons to come for a sitting at Fallen Angel

You have loved ones in spirit and wish to receive messages from them.

You are unsure about the afterlife and wish to explore the possibilities by having a reading from a psychic / medium.

You have questions about your life and would like to see if anyone in spirit will advise you about those questions.

You have had sittings with psychic / mediums in the past and they proved a positive experience for you.

Perhaps you too, are interested in developing your own psychic abilities, and wish to see how we work , and discuss your own development.

Things you can do to make your sitting a more enjoyable and worthwhile experience

Before attending your sitting, try to find out more about your family history, if you know your family tree it will be easier to establish just who is communicating from spirit for you. If you prefer it is perfectly acceptable to bring notes on this information to refer to!

Don’t worry! If anything comes up in your sitting that you are uncomfortable discussing then say so! We do not wish to pry into your private life or increase your anxieties. The communication takes place between you and your loved ones in spirit, we are merely the means by which this communication takes place, we can sometimes have difficulty in understanding what it is we are being told, in fact we rarely understand any of the information we receive, this is because the message is for you, not us! So if we do stumble onto something you don’t want to explore, you will need to let us know, we are not mind readers! We never take offence at this, this is your sitting, not ours!

Take notes during the reading. This will aid your memory of the communication, many psychics / mediums describe a feeling of ‘stepping back’ or detachment when working, this makes it harder for us to remember what we have just told you! Don’t rely on us to be able to repeat anything we have told you with accuracy after the sitting. You are also most welcome to bring along recording equipment for your sitting, please discuss with the psychic / medium you are booked with about what recording equipment they are happy to work with. Dictaphones or audio taping equipment is perfectly acceptable, video is at the psychic / mediums agreement only.

Try and think laterally. Most mediums (especially those who are clairvoyant) will receive information by symbolism. That is to say, they will be shown something with symbolic relevance, this is not infallible! If the picture they describe means something more to you, other than that which the medium describes means to them, tell them! Remember, this is your communication, if you can take the information provided in a way that differs from the psychic / medium, it is helpful to explain that.

Be sceptical. It has taken a long time for all practising psychic / mediums to understand the work they do (and each psychic / mediums interpretations of the work they do will vary!), we do not expect you to believe what we do, if you can take the information we give that is fine, if you can’t, it may be you need to think about what evidence you have been given in another way. Failures in psychic / mediumistic readings are normally down to misunderstanding of the evidence given, either by the psychic / medium themselves or by you! It is easier to learn with an open mind, scepticism is healthy! Its only by questioning we uncover the truth.

Talk to the medium / psychic. If your given evidence you understand, it is imperative you say so! Spirit links grow in strength when you communicate as well, spirit has come to communicate with you, not the psychic /medium, it is a two way process, the more you’re involved, the easier and better the communication will be!

Don’t feed the medium! Simply, this means we do not want to know anything about you prior to the sitting, the more we know the harder it becomes to define what information is coming from spirit and what is the psychic / mediums. The psychic / medium undertaking your sitting will ask for confirmation and your understanding of the evidence given when it is appropriate, please do not give information about the spirit link without being requested. After all, evidence given that you have already provided is not going to be beneficial to anyone. In fact if spirit feel that they are not being listened to and their evidence is not wanted they will get as frustrated as we do and the sitting will not be successful. Fallen Angel will ask only for your name and contact details should the time of your sitting need to be re-arranged or cancelled for any reason.

Finally on a legal note! Fallen Angel or the psychic / mediums working from Fallen Angel can accept no responsibility or liability for the evidence they provide in your sitting, or for the emotional or mental impact that they may have. All psychic / mediumistic sittings are undertaken in good faith on this understanding. Fallen Angel and the psychic / mediums working from Fallen Angel will endeavour, so far as is reasonably practicable, to ensure all sittings are undertaken with respect and dignity to all parties involved. No distress or discomfort is intended by any of our practises. All monies paid to the psychic / medium of your choice is strictly between you and the said psychic / medium. Fallen Angel accepts no liability for disagreements as to monies between your selves and the psychic / medium you engaged for your sitting. If you are unhappy with your sitting or the way you have been treated, you must state as soon as possible to the psychic / medium the reason for this. If you feel unable to do so at this time please state to the member of staff on duty within the Fallen Angel, or put in writing to Fallen Angel as soon as possible, clearly stating your complaint. Fallen Angel will endeavour to resolve any disputes arising, amicably and reasonably, so far as is reasonably practicable.

Your attendance at the your sitting after receiving this information is taken as your acceptance of these terms. Your statutory consumer rights are unaffected by this statement.

Fallen Angel retains the right to refuse any persons they feel are inappropriate to a sitting with a psychic / medium at Fallen Angel.

Fallen Angel will not tolerate any persons attending a psychic / medium sitting at Fallen Angel whilst under, or suspected of being under, the influence of alcohol or drugs. Fallen Angel reserves the right to refuse the booked sitting if any of these factors apply, without reason or proof of reason.